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IRC in Glasgow in 2019

This is a account of how I'd like to see IRC used to bring together like minded communities in Glasgow in 2019 in video format.

I'll create some fictional channels/examples to illustrate what could be possible and show how users from different groups might interact.

You can read more about IRC, and why I think it's a good choice on my blog post "Make your own privacy".

Points to describe in a video about how to use IRC

  • Connecting to a server
  • Listing what channels are available
  • Joining channels
  • Creating channels
  • Using services
  • Channel modes, operators and banning/kicking users

Points to describe in a video about why to use IRC

  • Freedom of censorship (if you can't do what you want to do, then create your own network)
  • Redundancy. Multi domain name availability; for example, if you connect two servers together and then those two communities can interact and if something happens to one group i.e. their website expires, then the community can still exist - each time a connection is made the Message of the Day (MOTD) informs the user of alternative ways to reach the server if needed.
  • Ownership of data, it can be as open or as private as you wish

Points to describe about how to use IRC for the geeks/advanced users

  • Creating bots and importing information into channels
  • Using services for authentication/administration
  • Development of IRC services

Videos to follow.

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