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 +  * [[https://​​wiki/​Sundiver|Sundiver]] by [[https://​​wiki/​David_Brin|David Brin]], part of the Uplift series, recommended by someone.
 +  * Greg recommends [[https://​​wiki/​Children_of_Time_(novel)|Children of Time]] by [[https://​​wiki/​Adrian_Tchaikovsky|Adrian Tchaikovsky]] "​Spider civilization and ants are computers"​
 +  * Autonomous by [[https://​​wiki/​Annalee_Newitz|Annalee Newitz]] recommended by someone.
 +  * [[https://​​wiki/​The_Skinner|The Skinner]] by [[https://​​wiki/​Neal_Asher|Neal Asher]] part of the Spatterjay series, recommended by someone
 +  * [[https://​​wiki/​The_City_and_the_Stars|The City and the Stars]] by [[https://​​wiki/​Arthur_C._Clarke|Arthur C Clarke]] recommended by someone.
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