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Bookgroup: Tuesday 4th June 2019 (Devils and Demons)

What Was Read

Raw Log

18:39 <@Neil>  We’re starting
18:39 <@Neil>  In the raven now
18:39 <@Neil>  Susan read The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov
18:40 <@Neil>  “It was wonderful”
18:49 <@Neil>  We’ve been pronouncing pontious pilate wrong all this time
18:50 <@Neil>  pontius pilatus
18:51 <@Neil>  Iain read The Devil Rides Out by Dennis Wheatley
18:59 <@Neil>  He wasn’t a big fan
18:59 <@Neil>  Read it if you like occult horror
19:02 <@Neil>  Matthew read Neil Gaiman, Sandman - seasons of mists
19:02 <@Neil>  Plus preludes and nocturns.. seems like a graphic novel
19:11 <@Neil>  Older Graeme read The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg
19:11 <@Neil>  Set in Glasgow, kinda, 1830s
19:15 <@Neil>  Set in 1750
19:22 <@Neil>  Greg read the last days of jack sparks
19:27 <@Neil>  Phil read The Painted Man by Peter L Brooke?
19:27 <@Neil>  He loved it
19:30 <@Neil>  And Clive barker’s the hellbound heart
19:40 <@Neil>  Graeme read Wheel of Time.
19:40 <@Neil>  All 3 books
19:42 <@Neil>  Craig read My Hero Academia
19:42 <@Neil>  First 3 books
19:42 <@Neil>  Manga
19:49 <@Neil>  Matthew (new guy) read..
19:49 <@Neil>  Dark gods t.d cline
19:49 <@Neil>  and two more
19:52 <@Neil>  Petey
19:52 <@Neil>  Oh wait, ignore Petey
19:53 <@Neil>  The Mephisto waltz
19:54 <@Neil>  I lucifer
19:54 <@Neil>  By glen duncan
19:54 <@Neil>  And we’re done.
19:55 <@Neil>  I didn’t read something been tied up with Children of Ruin, but it’s not ok topic.
19:55 <@Neil>  I’d mention Reality Dsyfunction - The humans are pretty demon like

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