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-===== Bookgroup: Tuesday ​8th October ​2019 (Maps and Journeys) ===== +===== Bookgroup: Tuesday ​6th August ​2019 (Maps and Journeys) ===== 
 ==== What Was Read ==== ==== What Was Read ====
-| ** Matthew ​** | [[wp>​Galápagos (novel)]] by [[wp>Kurt Vonnegut]] | +| ** Neil ** | [[https://​​wiki/​Shattered_Sea|Half a King]] by [[https://​​wiki/​Joe_Abercrombie|Joe Abercrombie]] | 
-| ** Neil ** | [[wp>All Systems Red]] (The Murderbot Diaries Book 1) by [[wp>​Martha Wells]] | +| ** Iain ** | [[https://​​wiki/​A_Wizard_of_Earthsea|A Wizard of Earthsea]] by [[https://​​wiki/​Ursula_K._Le_Guin|Ursula K. Le Guin]] | 
-| ** Graeme ​** | [[wp>The Bug Wars]] by [[wp>​Robert Aspirin]] and [[wp>The Faded Sun Trilogy]] ​by [[wp>C.JCherryh]] |  +| ** Phil ** | Books 1+2 of The Demon Cycle by [[​wiki/​Peter_V._Brett|Peter V. Brett]] | 
-| ** Iain ** | [[wp>​Learning ​the World]] by [[wp>Ken MacLeod]] | +| ** Steven **  & **Elle**| 1st book in [[https://​​wiki/​The_Wheel_of_Time|The Wheel of Time]] series ([[https://​​wiki/​The_Eye_of_the_World|The Eye of the World]]by [[https://​​wiki/​Robert_Jordan|Robert Jordan]] | 
-| ** Graeme M ** | [[wp>Anno Dracula]] by [[wp>Kim Newman]] | +| ** Graeme M ** | 4th book in the [[https://​​wiki/​The_Wheel_of_Time|The Wheel of Time]] series ([[https://​​wiki/​The_Shadow_Rising|The Shadow Rising]]) ​by [[https://​​wiki/​Robert_Jordan|Robert Jordan]] | 
-| ** Phil ** | [[wp>​Cinder (novel)]] ​by [[wp>​Marissa Meyer]] ​+| ** Graeme ​** | Go Quest, Young Man by K.B. Bogen |
 ==== Raw Log ==== ==== Raw Log ====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-18:48 <@Neil> ​Late today +17:16 <​Neil> ​And I’m here 
-18:48 <@Neil> ​Matthew ​read Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut +17:17 <​Neil> ​Both Graeme’s and Craig already here 
-18:49 <@Neil> I read All Systems Red by Marta Wellspart of the Murderbot Diaries +17:​17 <​Neil>​ Phil arrives 
-18:52 <@Neil> ​He mentioned ET the novelisation I want to read that now +17:​17 <​Neil>​ Steven is here 
-18:53 <@Neil> ​Matthew ​didn’t ​like Galapagos +17:​33 <​Neil>​ And Iain 
-18:53 <@Neil> Robert ​Aspirin - The Bug Wars is what Graeme ​read (old) +17:​33 <​Neil>​ Then Elle 
-19:03 <@Neil> ​He thought it was ok +17:​33 <​Neil>​ Then Greg 
-19:03 <@Neil> ​He really liked +17:​34 <​Neil>​ Then feri 
-19:04 <@Neil> ​The fabled sun trilogy by c.jCherryh +17:​34 <​Neil>​ Topic is fantasy and maps 
-19:12 <@Neil> ​Iain read Learning the World by Ken MacLeod +17:​49 <​Neil>​ I read Half a King, Joe Abercrombie 
-19:32 <@Neil> ​Graeme ​read Humans by Matt Haig +17:​49 <​Neil> ​It was meh 
-19:32 <@Neil> ​He didn’t like it and didn’t finish it +17:​50 <​Neil>​ Reminds me why don’t ​read fantasy. A group of guys walked someplace. 
-19:33 <@Neil> ​So he moved onto Anno Dracula by Ann Newman +17:​52 <​Neil>​ Matthew read a wizard of earthsea ​by Ursula.. 
-19:43 <@Neil> I read it in March 2016, it was ok +17:​52 <​Neil>​ Iain even! 
-19:44 <@Neil> ​Phil read Cinder by Marissa Mayer+17:​55 <​Neil>​ Sexism in wizardrydragons and language, name power.. 
 +18:​06 <​Neil>​ Phil read Peter v Brett - the desert spear and others in the series 
 +18:06 <​Neil> ​Demon.. 
 +18:​08 <​Neil>​ The daylight war 
 +18:​15 <​Neil>​ The painted man is the first book 
 +18:​15 <​Neil>​ Series is called the demon cycle 
 +18:​17 <​Neil>​ Steven ​read the first book in the wheel of time. The eye of the world 
 +18:​26 <​Neil>​ Saidan chat.. link that Reddit comment I know of here 
 +18:30 <​Neil> ​Ellen read it too. 
 +18:​30 <​Neil>​ I think I read it years ago 
 +18:​31 <​Neil>​ Graeme M also read the 4th book of wheel of time 
 +18:​37 <​Neil>​ We’re still talking about how verbose Robert Jordan is 
 +18:​39 <​greg>​ He's off on one again! 
 +18:​48 <​Neil>​ This might be a record 
 +18:​48 <​Neil>​ That was 30 mins 
 +18:​48 <​Neil>​ Now it’s old Graeme 
 +18:​49 <​Neil>​ Go Quest Young Man 
 +18:​49 <​Neil>​ The girl didn’t ​want to get married because she loved the colour pink 
 +18:​49 <​Neil>​ Is that an euphemism?​ 
 +18:​50 <​Neil>​ No she loved pink 
 +18:​50 <​greg>​ Lol! 
 +18:​51 <​Neil>​ By k b bogan 
 +18:​53 <​Neil> ​Using magic causes fate to take an interest in you and throw adventures your way 
 +18:​58 <​Bear>​ Ah Robert ​Jordan 
 +18:​58 <​Bear> ​read him 
 +18:​58 <​Bear>​ a few books in, you learn to barely skim parts 
 +18:​58 <​Bear>​ Think he'd do with a better editor? 
 +18:​58 <​Bear>​ Well not now 
 +18:​58 <​Bear>​ he's dead 
 +18:​59 <​Bear>​ rare amyloidosis condition if I remember right 
 +18:​59 <​Bear>​ Brandon Sanderson finished his saga 
 +19:​02 <​Neil>​ I think we’re done, no book for feri 
 +19:​03 <​Neil> ​Ann Leckie The Raven Tower is next on my list for fantasy 
 +19:​03 <​Neil> ​Graeme has a big map of the continent of middle earth 
 +19:​04 <​Neil> ​And also a huge fold out map of .. what’s that city in dis world.. 
 +19:04 <​Neil> ​Ankhor 
 +19:07 <​Neil> ​Next category is horror 
 +19:​07 <​Neil>​ Subject is.. 
 +19:​08 <​Neil>​ Oops 
 +19:​08 <​Neil>​ Greg read.. nada 
 +19:09 <​Neil> ​Simarillion 
 +19:14 <​Neil> ​New subject is deadly friend 
 +19:14 <​Neil> ​3rd September 
 +19:​14 <​Neil>​ “Dangerous friends” 
 +19:​22 <​Neil>​ All these books sounded crap tonight 
 +19:​22 <​Neil>​ Compared to last month, where would have read most of them. 
 +19:24 <​greg>​ Hi! 
 +19:​30 <​Bear>​ Ankh-Morpork 
 +20:02 <​Neil> ​That’s the one ??
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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