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 +==== Installing InspIRCd on Ubuntu 18.04 ====
 +  * Install [[http://​|InspIRC]]
 +<​code>​sudo apt-install inspircd</​code>​
 +  * Set up SSL certificate for the domain you'll use
 +<​code>​sudo certbot</​code>​
 +  * Edit the config file at ''/​etc/​inspircd/​inspircd.conf''​
 +<​code>​sudo vim /​etc/​inspircd/​inspircd.conf</​code>​
 +  * Set your server name, fill in admin details, load the SSL and spanning module and set the path to your certificates:​
 +<​code><​module name="​">​
 +<gnutls certfile="/​etc/​inspircd/​cert.pem"​ keyfile="/​etc/​inspircd/​key.pem"​ dhbits="​4096"​ priority="​SECURE256:​-MD5"​ hash="​sha1">​
 +<bind address=""​ port="​6697"​ type="​clients"​ ssl="​gnutls">​
 +<module name="​">​
 +<bind address=""​ port="​7777"​ type="​servers">​
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