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  COMMAND: &<attribute> <object>[=<value>]
  SYNONYM: @set <object> = <attribute>:[<value>]

Sets the attribute named <attribute> on <object> to <value>. If <attribute> is not a predefined attribute (like ofail or va), then it is created. Attributes so created are called user-named attributes.

Attribute names may only contain letters, numbers, and the characters < -_.@#$^&*~?=+| >, and must start with a letter. The names of user-named attributes may not be abbreviated (an attempt to get the value of the attribute will fail, and an attempt to set will create a new attribute).

The & command may be used to set predefined attributes (in this instance, &<attr> <object>=<value> is equivalent to @<attr> <object>=<value>).

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