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 +Bogus commands can be made using exits. For example, to make a '​sit'​ command, one could "@open sit", then "@link sit=here"​ (because unlinked exits can be stolen), "@lock sit=#​0"​ (impossible for a room to pass a lock, #0 is always a room, therefore the lock always fails), and "@fail sit=You sit on the chair.";​ "​@ofail sit=sits on the chair."​. ​ Since nobody can go through it, it always fails. The @fail message is displayed ​ to the player, and the @ofail message (preceded by the player'​s name) to  everyone else.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​@afail]],​ [[mud:​@fail]],​ [[mud:​@link]],​ [[mud:​@lock]],​ [[mud:​@ofail]],​ [[mud:​@open]].
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