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 +This is the help for the MUX comsystem. Note that the channel names and aliases are case-sensitive. Many games are configured to have a new player automatically join the '​Public'​ channel, and a Guest join the '​Guest'​ channel. If you are a wizard, see '​wizhelp config'​ for the parameters relating to this.
 +A comsys allows the various players to communicate with each other. A comsys can consist of one Public channel for all players, or various channels set aside for various groups within the game, thus allowing each group to communicate with the other members of that group.
 +Two of the most accepted reasons for using a comsys are to allow players to interact with members of their group, and to provide a venue for OOC chatting.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​comsys commands]], [[mud:​comsys examples]]
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