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 +There are 6 rules to controlling objects:
 +  - You control anything you own.
 +  - Anything you own that has its [[mud:​INHERIT]] flag set controls anything you own (including you).
 +  - Anything you own that does not have its [[mud:​INHERIT]] flag set only controls other things that you own that do not have their [[mud:​INHERIT]] flag set and do not control you, unless YOU have your inherit flag set.
 +  - A wizard controls everything.
 +  - Anybody controls an unlinked exit, even if it is locked.
 +  - The object is in a part of a zone tree that you control.
 +Builders should beware of 5, lest their exits be linked or stolen.
 +Most of the commands for altering the database and many commands and functions that retrieve information only work on objects that you control.
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