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 +The enactor is the object that caused an action list to be performed. So, the enactor of the Ahear action list is the player or object who said/​emoted/​etc the message that matched the Listen attribute, the enactor of the Apay attribute is the player who gave the object money, etc.  The enactor of an attribute that is run by a @trigger command is the object that ran the @trigger command. ​ The following substitutions can be performed in an action list to return information about the enactor:
 +    %# or [v(#​)] ​          - Database number of the enactor
 +    %N/%n or [v(N)]/​[v(n)] - Name of the enactor.
 +    %O/%o ...              - Objective pronoun for the enactor
 +                             (him her it them)
 +    %P/%p ...              - Possessive pronoun (his her its their)
 +    %S/%s ...              - Subjective pronoun (he she it they)
 +    %A/%a ...              - Absolute possessive pronoun (his hers its theirs)
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​SUBSTITUTION]].
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