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 +  COMMAND: enter[/<​switch>​] <​object>​
 +The enter command is used to enter an object. Insides of objects are best used for vehicles, or storage spaces when you don't have a home (or even as a floating home). ​ In order to enter an object you must either own it or it must have its ENTER_OK flag set, and you must also pass the object'​s EnterLock (if it has one).
 +The following switch is recognized:
 +     /​quiet ​  - Don't perform the @oenter/​@aenter or @oefail/​@aefail
 +                attributes on the entered object, and don't perform the
 +                @oxleave attribute on your current location. ​ This switch
 +                only works if you control the object being entered.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​leave]],​ [[mud:​@aefail]],​ [[mud:​@aenter]],​ [[mud:​@efail]],​ [[mud:​@enter]],​ [[mud:​@idesc]],​ [[mud:​@lock]],​ [[mud:​@oefail]],​ [[mud:​@oenter]],​ [[mud:​@oxleave]],​ [[mud:​ENTER_OK]].
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