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 +Everything in the universe of this MUX (Rooms, Exits, Things, Players, etc) are represented in the same way at the program level. ​ A room merely has the room flag set and a player has the player flag set.  In addition, flags also give objects abilities or qualities. ​ For instance, a wizard has the wizard flag set.  That is what lets the program know he may use wizard abilities. ​ An object or room may have the dark flag set. In the case of an object, this makes the object invisible to normal eye-sight.
 +In the case of a room, the room becomes too dark to see other objects or players. ​ To get a list of the flags that are available, type '@list flags' or 'help flag list'. For more specific information on a particular flag, request help on the flag's name, as in 'help ENTER_OK'​.
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