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 +Functions are specialized commands used to manipulate strings and other input. The format for a function is of this form: [fun-name(<​input>​)] Although usually the []'s indicate an input that is optional, in this case they are necessary and tell the MUX that this is a function, although nested functions (like [first(rest(This is a nice day))] returns '​is'​) do not require more than one pair of []'​s. ​ Nested brackets may be used when it is necessary to insert a function call in the middle of an argument, like [get(me/​[get(me/​vz)])],​ which returns the contents of the attribute named in the VZ attribute.
 +For help on a particular function, type ''​help <​function name>''​. ​ You may need to include the parentheses with the function name, ie. ''​help <​function name>​()''​. ​ Type ''​help function list''​ or ''​@list functions''​ for a list of the available functions. ​ 'help function classes'​ will show a list of the functions broken down into classes.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:@list functions]],​ [[mud:​FUNCTION CLASSES]], [[mud:​FUNCTION LIST]].
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