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 +  This is the TinyMUX online help facility.
 +     Notes on help descriptions:​
 +        [text] - Text enclosed in []'s is optional. ​ The []'s are never typed
 +                 in as part of the command.
 +        <​parameter>​ - Information parameter for a command. ​ The <>'​s are
 +                      never typed in as part of the command.
 +  -  Syntax of help command:
 +       help [<​command>​]
 +  -  To get a list of TinyMUX topics:
 +       help topics
 +  -  To get a list of Comsystem commands:
 +       help comsys
 +  -  To get a list of TinyMUX Commands:
 +       help commands ​     (or @list commands)
 +  Some of the configuration shown in the help.txt might not be the same as
 +  the configuration of this MUX.  If you notice any errors, contact an admin.
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