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 + ​COMMAND:​ kill <​player>​ [=<​cost>​]
 +Attempts to kill the specified player. Killing costs <​cost>​ coins, which gives you a <​cost>​% chance of killing the player. Thus, spending 100 coins always works (except against wizards and immortals, who can never be killed). ​
 +Players cannot be killed in rooms which have been set HAVEN or which they control. ​ If you don't specify a cost, the default is 10 (for a 10% chance of success). ​ The player, if killed, receives <​cost>/​2 coins in insurance.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​@akill]],​ [[mud:​@kill]],​ [[mud:​@okill]],​ [[mud:BEING KILLED]], [[mud:​IMMORTAL]],​ [[mud:​WIZARD]].
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