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 +This command leave allows you to exit an object you have entered, arriving in the same location as the object. You may not leave an object if you fail that object'​s LeaveLock (but you may still @teleport out, use an exit inside the object, or go home).
 +The following switch is recognized:
 +     /​quiet ​  - Don't perform the @oleave/​@aleave or @olfail/​@alfail
 +                attributes on the entered object, and don't perform the
 +                @oxenter attribute on your new location. ​ This switch
 +                only works if you control your current location.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​enter]],​ [[mud:​@lock]],​ [[mud:​ENTER_OK]],​ [[mud:​@aleave]],​ [[mud:​@alfail]],​ [[mud:​@leave]],​ [[mud:​@lfail]],​ [[mud:​@oleave]],​ [[mud:​@olfail]],​ [[mud:​@oxenter]].
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