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 +  COMMAND: look[/<​switches>​] [<​object>​]
 +Displays the description of <​object>,​ or the room you're in if you don't specify an object. ​ Specifying object as <​name>​ or #<​dbref>​ or '​me'​ or '​here'​ is legal. ​ You can also use look to look at objects held by other people, just use 'look <​person>'​s <​object>'​.
 +You may use the /outside switch to look at the location of your current location (useful if you are inside a vehicle or other object). ​ You may also look at other objects in the '​outer'​ location, but you may not use the possessive form with the /outside switch (ie: "​look/​outside <​person>'​s <​object>"​ won't work).
 +'​read'​ is the same as '​look'​.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​@adesc]],​ [[mud:​@describe]],​ [[mud:​@odesc]].
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