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 +  COMMAND: move[/<​switch>​] <​direction>​
 +           ​move[/<​switch>​] home
 +           <​direction>​
 +           home
 +Moves you in the specified direction, assuming that the direction is not locked against you.  'move home' is a special command that returns you to your home. The word '​move'​ may be omitted.
 +The following switch is recognized:
 +     /​quiet ​  - Don't perform the @osucc/​@asucc/​@odrop/​@adrop or @ofail/​@afail
 +                attributes on the exit being used.  This switch only works if
 +                you control the exit.
 +'​goto'​ is the same as '​move'​.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​enter]],​ [[mud:​home]],​ [[mud:​leave]].
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