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 +Command piping in MUX is similar to piping in a UNIX shell. You string two or more commands together using the ;| symbol, much as you would using a semicolon. The output from the previous command in a pipe is accessible using the %| substitution. This output contains the raw ASCII codes that would normally be directly output to your terminal. ​
 +You may use the translate() function to either convert the raw characters in the output to MUX substitutions,​ or strip them out altogether. Like the semicolon, the ;| symbol in MUX is taken literally if you type it on the terminal. Currently you may only pipe 20 commands in a row.
 +<​code>  ​
 +  > &​MAILDESC me=$+maildesc *=*:look %0 ;| @mail/quick
 +                  %1/​Description=[translate(%|,​1)]
 +  > &​SAYDESC me=$+saydesc *:look %0 ;| say %r%|
 +  > +saydesc me
 +  You say, "
 +  Idoru(#​5PXMWc)
 +  You see nothing special.
 +  "
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​translate()]].
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