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 +An object is made into a puppet by doing ''​@set <​object>​=puppet'',​ once an object is a puppet it will relay all that it sees and hears to its master. All objects created by a puppet are owned by its master, when puppets spend or earn money, they use their master'​s money supply. ​ In order to prevent puppets from screwing up puzzles, objects may have the KEY flag set, this will prevent puppets from picking the object up. A puppet may be commanded by its master by ''​@force <​object>​=command'',​ or by the shorthand version, ''#<​number of puppet> command''​. ​ The puppet flag is handy for debugging, as it allows you to see the result messages your object generates.
 +''​@force fred="​hi there''​. ​ -or-  ''#​4342 "hi there''​.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​VERBOSE]].
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