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 +  COMMAND: ;<​message>​
 +This command is much like the ':'​ command, except that no space is inserted between your name and the pose.  However, <​message>​ can start with its own space -- a result similar to using the ':'​ command.
 +    > ;'s watch beeps.
 +    Player'​s watch beeps.
 +    > ; meows.
 +    Player meows.
 +Warning: This command does not work in command lists run from an attribute because the ';'​ is treated as the command separator. ​ Use pose/​nospace instead.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​page]],​ [[mud:​pose]],​ [[mud:​say]],​ [[mud:​whisper]],​ [[mud:<​colon>​]],​ [[mud:"​]].
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