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  COMMAND: session

Displays information on how many characters you have sent and received during this session, and which (Internal) port you are connected to on the MUX.


    > session
                                     Characters Input----  Characters Output---
    Player Name     On For Idle Port Pend  Lost     Total  Pend  Lost     Total
    Mortal           00:06   0s   16    0     0        44   156     0      2679
    2 Players logged in.

Pending characters are those waiting to be acted on as commands (for input) or waiting to be sent out over the network (output). Lost characters are due to overflowing either the MUX's input or output buffers, either as the result of running a single command that produces too much output (such as @find and @search commands that match a large number of objects), or from typing too much on one line.

Note: your Pending count for output will always be nonzero, as the output of the SESSION command hasn't been sent out over the network yet.

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