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 +  COMMAND: session
 +Displays information on how many characters you have sent and received during this session, and which (Internal) port you are connected to on the MUX.
 +    > session
 +                                     ​Characters Input---- ​ Characters Output---
 +    Player Name     On For Idle Port Pend  Lost     ​Total ​ Pend  Lost     Total
 +    Mortal ​          ​00:​06 ​  ​0s ​  ​16 ​   0     ​0 ​       44   ​156 ​    ​0 ​     2679
 +    2 Players logged in.
 +Pending characters are those waiting to be acted on as commands (for input) or waiting to be sent out over the network (output). ​ Lost characters are due to overflowing either the MUX's input or output buffers, either as the result of running a single command that produces too much output (such as @find and @search commands that match a large number of objects), or from typing too much on one line.
 +Note: your Pending count for output will always be nonzero, as the output of the SESSION command hasn't been sent out over the network yet.
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