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 +  COMMAND: throw[/<​switch>​] <​object>​
 +           ​throw[/<​switch>​] <​exit>​
 +The first form removes <​object>​ from your inventory and puts it in your location, except for the following special cases: Dropping a STICKY thing sends it home, and dropping a thing in a room with a drop-to sends the thing to the drop-to location.
 +The second form removes <​exit>​ from your list of exits and adds it to the list of exits for the current location. ​ Anyone in the same location as you may then use the exit to travel to the exit's destination. ​ You can only drop exits when you own the location where you are dropping them.
 +The following switch is recognized:
 +     /​quiet ​  - Don't perform the @odrop/​@adrop attributes on the dropped
 +                 ​object. ​ This switch only works if you control the object.
 +'​drop'​ is the same as '​throw'​.
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​get]],​ [[mud:​@adrop]],​ [[mud:​@drop]],​ [[mud:​@odrop]],​ [[mud:​DROP-TO]],​ [[mud:​STICKY]].
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