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 +  COMMAND: whisper [<​player>​[,<​player2>​[,​ ...]]]=<​message>​
 +Whispers the message to one or more players in the same room.  No one else can see the message that you whisper.
 +You can format the message one of several ways by specifying ':',​ ';',​ or '"'​ as the first character of the message. ​ ':'​ and ';'​ format the message as 'You sense <​player>​ <​message>',​ with ';'​ omitting the space between <​player>​ and <​message>​. ​ '"'​ formats the message in normal whisper format (this is the default).
 +Like the page command, the last list of players is used again if the following short-hand is used:
 +    "w :​waves." ​ or,
 +    "w I'm back."
 +Related Topics: [[mud:​page]],​ [[mud:​pose]],​ [[mud:​say]],​ [[mud:<​colon>​]],​ [[mud:<​semi-colon>​]],​ [[mud:"​]].
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